Our Consultancy Services

Fieldform offers clients an independent consultancy service, providing a comprehensive design, feasibility, and contract support facility.

This service is tailored to each individual project and each client’s requirements, from simple advice and consultation, through to a full package of project coordination & administration.


There are several key components that build a full consultancy support package. They can be provided individually, or as part a wider project remit. The areas for consideration are detailed below.

Fieldform will undertake to assess the feasibility of the client brief with the objective to determine how the project aspiration can become a reality. It investigates all the influential, physical site conditions as well as providing due consideration to the financial implications for the project proposal. It aims simply to provide a robust, viable solution for review and future development.

The provision of a feasibility study will act as the foundation of your project. It can be a tool for attracting funding, by demonstrating a considered and coherent approach to the project proposal. It can also act as a key component within any planning discussion with the local authority or stake holders which the project may affect

Feasibility & Pricing

Survey & Design

Fieldform offers a specialist survey and design service which can be undertaken as part of a broader package, or independently on a project by project basis.

Our approach is unique to the very particular market sectors within which we operate, and offers you in-field visualisation of your project. We use state of the art instruments to recover data, then model and design your project through key stages of the build process, from concept to completion.

Our survey programme can carry out topographic surveys, underground service investigations and geophysical studies. This includes; historical reviews to help detail accurate plans, terrain models to base your project design on and conceptual views which ultimately supports onward consultation and construction.

Inspection and Testing is a vital part to our quality performance standards and provides our clients with confidence in the quality of existing or new-build facilities. Fieldform can provide an array of inspection and testing services at various key stages of development.

Key stage Inspection and Testing services include:

• Soils & Water Quality Analysis
• CBR and Soil Stability Survey
• Drainage & Pipe Inspection
• Levels Survey
• Surface Performance Testing (percolation, ball roll, ball bounce, critical fall etc)

Inspection & Testing

Contract Administration

Fieldform can act as your representative to administer the contractual process on your behalf. We can carry out the tender process, source suppliers, contractors and installers that best suit the project demands and budget aspirations.

Our service acts as a single point of contact, providing our clients with confidence and avoiding lengthy and multiple communications with the supply trades. As contract administrator, Fieldform will attend to the day-to-day project issues, independent of the build, to advise, monitor and support your project through the build stages.

Fieldform offers a unique and independent Contract Management service. Many clients look to the savings that can be made in the ‘do-it-yourself’ approach to construction projects rather than appointing large, all-inclusive contractors.

Fieldform can bridge the knowledge gap by supporting its clients directly as an appointed Contract Manager, acting directly and behalf of the client. Our expertise and comprehensive understanding of contract management can provide huge comfort and support, knowing your project is in safe hands throughout the entirety of the build process.

Contract Management

Funding & Planning

Fieldform can work alongside clients to develop a project concept which is attractive to external grant funders. As part of this process, we can provide professional support including initial design meetings with potential funders or governing bodies.

We assist with the creation of grant applications and help to provide the supporting documentation (i.e. sports development plans and community consultation) required for a successful bid.

Most new developments will need to secure planning permission before breaking ground. This does not need to be a daunting task, we are able to support clients with the submission of planning applications. We work closely with professionals to provide support from pre-planning, through to final submission.