Agricultural Drainage

Land drainage for agriculture and pipelines

Land drainage for agriculture and pipelines

Although water is a good thing for plant growth too much can lead to loss of productivity, waterlogged fields and pools of stagnant surface water. To counter the negative effects of standing water Fieldform regularly work with clients to design and deliver comprehensive drainage solutions. Our in-house team have extensive experience of installing both primary and secondary drainage systems utilising company owned equipment. We appreciate drainage installation can be a major investment, so we work closely with clients to create bespoke, budget sensitive solutions that cause minimal disruption to everyday farming activities.

Using our tractor mounted, chain driven trencher we can install primary piped land drainage systems to remove ground water into designated outfalls. Our specialist trenching machinery is laser guided to closely control excavation depths and provide highly accurate grades on all drainage pipes. To minimise the damage to surrounding areas during the installation of new drainage and associated backfill we utilise company owned tractors fitted with low ground pressure tyres, if required, we can also deploy tracked gravel carts.

All Fieldform drainage systems are designed to be site specific, this is achieved by digging inspection trenches, commissioning topographical surveys, sending soils for laboratory testing (to understand type and composition) and mapping suitable and available outfalls prior to any pipes being put in the ground. Carrying out these pre-construction tests and surveys will improve our knowledge of water flow rates and trenching requirements.

Recent example

This summer Fieldform have installed a comprehensive series of pre and post construction drainage systems as part of a new fuel pipeline running from Fawley in Hampshire to Heathrow Airport. This project saw Fieldform install c. 15km of 160mm and 80mm perforated drainage pipe c/w aggregate backfill, installation of new head walls, ditch clearance, ditch extension and connections to existing clay drainage pipes.

Other associated works carried out by Fieldform

  • Sports pitch drainage, primary and secondary
  • Sports pitch design and construction
  • Cemetery drainage
  • Drainage installation for new and existing camping, caravan and glamping sites
  • Ditching and culvert construction, clearing and maintenance
  • Drainage installation and construction of new horse arenas
  • Drainage installation for wind and solar farms
  • Drainage installation for new housing sites

This has been an intensive project to work on due to limited timescales and the sheer amount of pipeline required post the installation of a major new fuel line to one of Europe’s largest airports.