As one of the nation’s most popular sports, cricket is a core focus for Fieldform

Cricket facility experts

James and Richard have had extensive experience of designing and constructing various types of non-turf cricket projects at some of the leading clubs and independent schools across the country.

Since our inception Fieldform have worked with clubs, schools and private clients across the South of England to construct non-turf cricket facilities for both practice and match play.

We have also worked closely with clients to refurbish and re-model existing facilities to increase levels of usage. Examples include tennis court re-modelling to include a cricket practice facility, batting end refurbishments due to high levels of wear and the installation of a non-turf cricket wicket to create an indoor match venue.

The new cricket facility is used throughout the year by the entire family, the performance for both batting and bowling is perfect and we would highly recommend Fieldform to anyone considering the development of a new practice net.

Private client

Performance Standards

All Fieldform non-turf cricket systems are built to comply with facility specifications set by the ECB via their TS6 document

FFE System

Performance layer – 60mm deep engineered layer created using recycled materials to create a robust and free draining surface that closely replicates playing on a natural turf wicket. Unique Selling Points of FFE System:

  • Low maintenance – unlike dynamic / rolled stone systems, our FFE system does not require rolling, re-grading and topping up on a regular basis, the surface is hard wearing and extremely robust making it an excellent choice for clubs, councils and schools with limited maintenance budgets
  • Created using 100% recycled materials helping to reduce carbon emissions and materials being sent to landfill, this is particularly appealing to grant funders focused on increasing levels of environmental sustainability (i.e. Biffaward, Suez and Veolia)
  • Abundant product availability, not subject to availability from individual suppliers / quarries
  • Enhanced play characteristics, giving a more natural feel closely replicating playing on a natural grass pitch
  • Removes the need for a separate shock pad helping to save on installation and refurbishment costs
  • Similar systems are heavily used for tennis, hockey, football and rugby

FFD System

The FFD system is built using a dynamic, un-bound performance layer laid over a long lasting aggregate sub base.

One of the main advantages of this system is the performance layer will react to weather conditions mimicking the conditions of a fine turf cricket square.

Our FFD system is built using virgin quarried aggregates providing a high performance and low maintenance system

FField Tunnel Netting

The FField Tunnel is an innovative one-piece horizontal netting system hung inside the steel framework.

Why Choose the FField Tunnel System?

  • Creates a dual wall of protection between each lane increasing safety for both the batsman and bowler
  • Removes the need for excessive cable ties and potential safety issues linked to damaged and failed netting (i.e. holes between steelwork and cable ties)
  • Created using robust 3mm knotted netting compared to traditional 1.9mm cricket netting
  • Can be easily raised when not in use i.e. at the end of season, during cleaning and maintenance
  • Includes a PVC fold to protect netting at ground level
  • Can be upgraded to include an additional coating for fire and rodent protection