Drainage Installation

Lord Wandsworth College - Hampshire

During the early winter of 2019, Fieldform were asked to assist at a prestigious private property in Hampshire and to resolve issues with drainage and storm water flooding. The recently landscaped garden had not taken into account the impacts a saturated soil and it’s influence on surface water run-off.

Fieldform, designed a new bespoke drainage system, consisting of a primary pipe network, surface collection drains and carrier pipes to help alleviate the problems identified. The design consisted of an enlarged soak-away chamber which connected with the chalk bed-rock and ultimately provided a comprehensive drainage system that helped to relieve the ground saturation and further protect the property from surface ponding in the garden and outdoor living spaces.

The project was carried out during the onset of a wet winter using compact, specialist plant. The site and drainage design specification was such that all drains were installed using high accuracy laser levels, completed with coiled, perforated pipe set in deep, clean cut trenches and backfilled with shingle then sand to the surface. A series of catch-pit inspection chambers were introduced as part of the design to aid directional movement of water across the network, increase storage capacity and provide a point of access for future maintenance and servicing.

The project was completed in timely fashion despite trying weather and ground conditions, within the agreed budget and to a high standard for handover to a happy client!

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